The Truck

The Truck is a 2015 Ford F-350. It is outfitted with a full aluminum diamond plate bed and work boxes. We carry a Miller Electric Trailblazer 275 welding machine and power source. It provides the power for our Mig and Stick processes and is capable of procucing 240V 50 amp power for our Tig and Plasma needs. We also have a 30 gal high volume air compressor with 200 psi capability. A steel vise is mounted out back and we also feature all currently updated and readily available safety and fire supression equipment. Our custom made pressurized bottle racks keep the gases safe and secure. You'll never see us on the highway with a gauge attached to the bottle. This is illegal and dangerous. All of our tools are designed to do the job right the first time. We even hand make some specialty tools that can't be purchased or are designed for a specific job. The truck is set up to arrive and complete the job. We can perform our work in a 100'+ radius and many times further depending on the application. We can weld things others cant reach. This saves you the aggrevation of trying to bring the work to us. We come to you.

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